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Photo of Bishop of Bradwell

Bishop of Bradwell

Adam Atkinson

In September 2023 Adam Atkinson was appointed Bishop of Bradwell and took up his role later that year. 

He had previously been Archdeacon of Charing Cross in the Diocese of London. 

It was to Bradwell and Essex that the great missionary disciple St Cedd brought the Good News of Jesus Christ in AD 654. The title Bishop of Bradwell and the Bishop of Bradwell’s Area are named in honour of Cedd’s epic mission to a people who had never before heard the Good News. 

Photo of Revd Steven Poss

Revd Steven Poss

Steven Poss was commissioned as Chaplain of St Peters Chapel at the Easter Dawn service on 21st April 2019 by Bishop John, Bishop of Bradwell with these words:
We have come together in the presence of God, to welcome Steven to this Chapel, to commission him to this ministry, to pray for Steven and for those who minister with him, and to dedicate ourselves afresh to the service of God in this place and to the call which God makes of each one of us…..

God our Father, Lord of all the world, through your Son you have called us into the fellowship of your universal Church: hear our prayer for your faithful people, that in their vocation and ministry, each may be an instrument of your love, and give to your servant Steven now to be commissioned, the needful gifts of grace; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.
All Amen.

Photo of Canon Ivor Moody

Canon Ivor Moody

Ivor Moody has been Vice Dean and Canon Pastor of Chelmsford Cathedral since 2010.

He is also Chair of the Mid-Essex Inter Faith Forum and also Chair of Essex Mind and Spirit, a community voluntary organisation which seeks to promote positive relationships between faith
and spirituality and mental health issues, and to challenge the stigma which often surrounds mental health.

He has recently become Chaplain to the Essex County Council, and in 2017 had his first book published, called ‘Songs for the Soul’. Also, on the Chapel committee.

It has been announced that Revd Canon Ivor Moody will retire as Vice Dean and Canon Pastor at Chelmsford Cathedral in April 2024. Ivor has served the Cathedral since 1996 and has spent his 40 years of ministry in Chelmsford Diocese.

Previous Chaplains

Revd Brigid Main - 2012-2019
Revd Laurence William Whitford - 2005
Revd Hugh Beavan - 1999
Rt Revd Martin William Wallace - 1993
Revd Geoffrey Alan Catchpole - 1987
Revd Joseph Arthur Paul Booth - 1980
Revd Robin Jeremy Macrae Blackall - 1977
Canon Sidney John Burling - 1963
Revd Horace James Coker - 1955
Revd 1939 Revd Maitland - 1939
Canon Ithel George Owen - 1921
Revd John Robert Blayney Owen -1920 (1904)

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