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How to find us

The Chapel is in a remote part of East Anglia, many miles from the nearest town and railway line.

Probably the only reliable way to get there is by car, and when you arrive at the Chapel's small car park after your long drive you will have a walk of about 850 metres to get to the Chapel itself on the coast. All of which just adds to its charm and remoteness.

Note that the path to the Chapel is a natural track across open farmland, uneven and stony (and muddy in winter). Access to the path from the car park is by a fairly large kissing gate that will allow the passage of baby buggys, wheelchairs or large electric buggy/electric wheelchairs.

It will take around 15-20 minutes at walking pace from the car park to the Chapel. There are no toilet facilities at or near the Chapel so maybe you should stop at one of the pubs in the village first, take some refreshment and make sure you and your party are comfortable and ready for your visit.

There are some opportunities to drive down to the Chapel to attend services on some Thursday mornings, Summer Evening services and Bradwell Pilgrimage. The gate is only open for this time.

In winter be warned that it can be very cold! If the wind is from the North, East or South East it can cut right through you. Wrap up well and enjoy the bracing, fresh, pollution-free air. Imagine when you visit what it must have been like to live at the time the Chapel was built. Imagine having to live without central heating, think what it was like not to have cars with heaters, imagine not having modern clothing. Marvel at what our ancestors achieved in those harsh conditions. But in Summer, bring a picnic and enjoy the warm sea breeze, the sky, the smell of moist earth and the song of skylarks.

Travel by car

East End Road Bradwell-on-Sea CM0 7PN
On arrival at Bradwell turn right by the garage and head into and through the village of Bradwell-on-Sea, turning right just before the church, following signs to the Chapel.
Go eastwards as far as you can go and park in the small car parking area. You will have to walk the remaining distance.

Bus and Train

There is a bus from Southminster Railway Station to the chapel Car Park at some times of the day, see the timetable on their website.
Train times are also available from Trainline.

You are always welcome to visit the Chapel.


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